LLC STT Group is a constantly developing company in the field of wholesale supply of electronic components. Due to the fact that we work directly from manufacturers, we manage to maintain competitive prices and reduce delivery times to a minimum. Our highly qualified specialists will help you and your company solve many problems associated with the supply of quality components. We constantly maintain a warehouse of the nomenclature number of which makes tens of thousands of names of electronic components and devices of various commodity groups, among which are difficult-to-access and discontinued electronic components. Since 2011, we have been actively participating in tenders at five state electronic bidding sites. We carry out uninterrupted deliveries to any point of Russia and the CIS countries - in the shortest possible time. Our company makes great efforts to maximize the needs of its customers..

All applications are accepted only in written or electronic form. In the application for delivery you must specify: - Name and contacts of the person responsible for the application, TIN of the Organization, telephone for communication. - Name of the manufacturer of the selected product; - Number of goods according to the manufacturer’s catalog (if necessary, specify the number of the goods you require - you can send a request to our manager by email); - Quantity of goods. If you have any questions, you can contact our sales team: Telephone in Moscow: +7 (495) 308-83-64 Or you can send us a request by e-mail to, as well as fill out an application below.

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CTT GROUP provides a component base for developers, manufacturers and operators of electronic equipment. Our main advantages are: - Delivery time for components that are not in stock in Russia is 5-10 days - Competitive prices - Supply of discontinued components - We are engaged in operational deliveries from warehouses in Europe and Asia - Discounts for our regular customers - Interesting promotions for all our customers

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